We are a cooperative preschool! 

A co-op preschool provides parents with the opportunity to be actively involved in their child’s first educational experience. A qualified teacher leads the classroom, while parents and caregivers volunteer their time and talent to the school. Each family shares in the business operation of the school, and assists the teacher in the classroom on a rotating basis. This creates a loving atmosphere where children, teachers, and parents grow, develop, and learn together. 

Cooperative preschools create a “family of families,” as parents and children work closely with each other and build friendships they carry through their lives. 

(Source: https://www.preschools.coop)

Our program is designed to:

  • Develop in each child a sense of self-worth.
  • Promote self-expression, investigation, and discovery.
  • Develop an understanding of others and their feelings.
  • Encourage a sense of responsibility.
  • Teach problem solving techniques.
  • Build a positive attitude toward learning.

These concepts help to develop the whole child, which is the foundation for school readiness, they are taught by doing activities that include: 

  • Small and Gross Motor Development
  • Arts and Crafts
  • Math Concepts
  • Social and Emotional Growth
  • Science Concepts
  • Reading
  • Music
  • Field Trips

Our Classes

3-year-old Classes:

Child must be 3 years old by December 1st:

  • Blue Monkeys: Tuesday and Thursday from 8:20 to 11:20am

Tuition for the 3-year-old classes for the 2022-2023 school year is $190.00 per month.

4-year-old classes:

Child must be 4 years old by December 1st:

  • Red Bears: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 8:20 to 11:20am
  • Purple Bears: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 11:40 am to 2:40 pm

Tuition for the 4-year-old classes for the 2021-2022 school year is $225.00 per month.

We offer lower tuition costs because we recognize the work and commitment parents provide while attending RSG preschool. We are proud to offer something that is both financially favorable and developmentally beneficial for both preschoolers and their families!


Parent Participation   

As a cooperative preschool, we are able to keep costs low by the involvement and commitment of our parents and/or caregivers. Parent requirements include:

  • Working in the classroom to assist the teacher 2 or more times a month
  • Attend monthly state-mandated parent meetings
  • Participate in fundraisers
  • Perform parent jobs (ex. Arts & crafts, party planning, etc)
  • Serve on two committees or head one committee


In addition to tuition, we offer several opportunities for fundraising throughout the year. Each family has a mandatory $300 fundraising quota, which prevents extra fees and helps keep tuition costs low. As we are a non-profit, we use this funding to contribute to special projects and classroom upkeep.  


How to Apply:

You may apply up to one year before enrollment. 


Admissions procedures are as follows:

  1. Your child must be 3 years old by December 1st in order to enroll at Ready, Set, Grow! Preschool.
  2. After contacting RSG, our Membership Coordinator will call or email you to give you an overview of our school and answer any questions you may have.  An appointment will be made to meet for a brief tour of our school and to begin enrollment.
  3. On the day of the appointment, the parent should be prepared to pay a $85.00 non-refundable deposit to hold their spot. 
  4. Priority of membership will be granted in the following order:
  • Currently enrolled students
  • Siblings of currently enrolled students
  • Alumni families
  • Mommy and Me families
  • New students

Program info sheet RSG


Ready, Set, Grow! Preschool does not discriminate against race, religion, gender, sexual orientation or creed.