RSG Distance Learning

Our goal is to offer families a developmentally appropriate curriculum that aligns with the recommendations from the Department of Education while still abiding by the public health guidelines.

We offer 3 different tiers that vary in cost and services provided. The details including monthly tuition are below. You will have the opportunity to shift tiers if you find another one works for your family as the needs of your family changes. It’s of the upmost importance to us to serve families based on need and we realize the variables of those needs.

Once public health officials announce to the local school districts to resume on site school, we will follow. Our school’s small size compared to public schools provide an advantage to return back to the classroom quickly. The board of directors are continuously monitoring the guidelines in our area. When on site class resumes if members still prefer our distance learning plan we will reassess and work to meet the needs of our families to the best of our ability. In addition we are modifying parent jobs to allow parents to contribute remotely. Parent jobs will be discussed prior to the start of school September 1.

We are very excited about our plan, we wanted to ensure children have more learning opportunities beyond just screen time or art.

Our monthly curriculum boxes will include multiple areas of learning including:

  • Science, number/letter recognition and early writing/reading skills
  • Cultural education and appreciation
  • Creative art
  • Ecology
  • Community service projects
  • Mindfulness practices
  • Access to our online learning platforms and video
  • Kindergarten readiness

Ready to Grow! Curriculum Box

  • Monthly Curriculum Box (8 Activities)
  • Access to our online platform including tutorials and story time
  • Can be access from anywhere! Supplies mailed via USPS

$50 per month

Caterpillar Tier

  • Monthly Curriculum Box (12 Activities)
  • Access to our virtual classroom
  • Virtual circle time 2 days a week
  • Virtual parent education and connection

$95 per month

Butterfly Tier

All of the included items in the caterpillar tier PLUS:

  • One hour in home, site based or online one on one meetings with the teacher bimonthly. The meetings are meant to ensure each child’s learning experience and support the family. In person or online meetings will depend on public health guidelines and personal preference.
  • Sessions include 4 additional curriculum activities your child will do with the teacher or can take home to finish

$140 per month

Next Steps...

If you are interested in joining RSG in our distance learning, please contact us for more information on enrollment!